Saturday, October 03, 2009

You took something perfect, and painted it red.

So, yeah. I thought I might blog back. Events taking place, rah rah rah. :)
I'm pretty sure that's all you need to know. :D
Major things that have happened since I last blogged: (I can't remember when that was ;]:
  • Dad got released from Prison.
  • I flipped off the majority of my friends.
  • Have had major doubts about everything.
  • Got broke up with.
  • Won't tell any of my friends and family how I'm really feeling. :)

So, you know. If they read this, then they'll probably understand my head a bit better xD.
And I'm not saying I'm fucked up. I'm just saying that my head doesn't exactly seem to see the world through everyone elses eyes'. x]

Anyhoo. I think I should keep it simple, for the beginning. :)
Much loves.
"Imogen" x

"The thing you'll regret most in life is not getting that mark on a test, not going somewhere, not doing something for someone. You'll regret not spending time with friends, family, lovers."

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