Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moments like this...

The next lyrics go: Will bring you down.
But my version, moments like this will bring you up.
'Cause I am - I'm up. :) And I love it.
And I'm guessing this is going to last.
Now just to prove to everyone else that I am fine now. I'm good. I don't have to smile and pretend to people that I'm not anymore.
And I love that. :)

ooh, Michael Buble. ;]

Ooh, I'm so happy I could fart rainbows :D
Although... that would be weird to see. But the point of a rainbow is still there. Like a clear night full of stars or the drift of a sea.

I'm back.

For good.




They say all's fair in love and war.
But I won't need to fight it, we'll get it right yeah, we'll be united.

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